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No se consigue un vientre plano solo con ejercicios abdominales

Aesthetic, flat stomachs tend to be a common obsession, especially as spring and summer approach. When we notice a bit of extra volume in our belly, hitting the gym is often our immediate response. While exercise is essential and plays a significant role in our body and mind, there are other tricks, when combined with physical activity, that can help you achieve the desired flat belly.

Simple Tricks for a Flat Belly

- Less Bubbles, Better
Instead of beer, go for wine. Choose wine without bubbles over sparkling wine. It's also important to avoid straws, which are often made of plastic and harm the environment. When using straws, we ingest air, which can lead to bloating. So, replacing carbonated drinks with healthier options that benefit your belly is best.

- Aid Your Digestion
Certain spices can assist in easier digestion. Some of these include cumin, parsley, and cardamom. Incorporate them into your meals, and you'll notice less bloating after eating. Another factor that aids digestion is reducing fiber intake. While fiber is highly beneficial, excessive consumption can cause belly bloating. Consume it in moderation.

- Drink, Not Just When Thirsty
Besides benefiting your skin and overall health, drinking water ensures that your body can eliminate waste smoothly. Without sufficient hydration, waste can accumulate in your intestines, leading to the bloating you want to avoid. So, the best solution is to have a reusable water bottle with you at all times.

beber agua
- Salty, Yes. Salty Foods, No
While salt enhances the flavor of food, it also causes water retention and a feeling of beach ball-like bloating in the stomach. You can still have a salty personality, but it's advisable to reduce the salt in your meals gradually.

- Walk
Walking aids in the movement of your intestinal system and promotes smoother digestion. Try to walk whenever you can during the day, and you'll notice your belly gradually deflating. Have you never heard an elderly person talk about the post-meal stroll? They're always right.

- Have Matcha Tea Before Exercising
Consuming matcha tea before a workout accelerates your metabolism and increases the number of calories burned during your training session. This Japanese powder uses your own fat for energy, providing not only a lighter feeling but also an energy boost thanks to its combination of caffeine and L-Theanine. [Matcha & CO's matcha tea]( is 100% organic, cultivated in Uji, Japan. You can also find all the necessary accessories for its consumption on their website.

- Is Lactose Agreeable to You?
Some individuals, without being allergic, do not digest lactose well, leading to a slight sensation of heaviness and stomach bloating. Analyze if lactose affects you this way and, if so, consider switching to lactose-free or plant-based products.

- Go Tropical
Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain that aids digestion. Similarly, papaya, with papain, has a similar effect. If you enjoy having fruit as a mid-morning or post-meal snack, we recommend choosing one of these options. Artichokes and blueberries also promote smoother digestion and a light feeling in your body. Consider adding these to your salads to incorporate them directly into your menu.

- Chew Slowly
You were told this when you were young, but you probably didn't pay much attention. Chewing your food well allows you to process it better and feel full sooner, helping with weight management. Additionally, eating quickly causes you to ingest air, which can lead to bloating and overload your stomach.

Taking these simple tricks into account will leave your belly less bloated than ever before. Remember that everything should be combined with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. If you stay committed, you'll soon forget about that little curve that's bothering you now.

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