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Vitamina C: tu aliado antioxidante

Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C has gained popularity as an anti-aging remedy.

Today, Vitamin C is synonymous with beauty for many reasons. Not only for its well-known benefits to our bodies, such as boosting our immunity ("have some oranges to avoid getting sick!") and its role in collagen formation, but also for its potent antioxidant action, which combats free radicals.

According to experts, Vitamin C is likely the most potent topical **antioxidant** available on the market today, as it naturally stimulates collagen production.

Practically speaking, its impact on our skin is associated with improved radiance and increased elasticity and firmness.

Now, let's explore the different ways to incorporate Vitamin C into your routine.

Foods Rich in Vitamin C:

While the Vitamin C we get from food may not be sufficient to notice significant effects on our skin, we do need to consume it daily to enhance our immunity and support various bodily functions, such as rapid healing.

Moreover, our bodies don't produce or store Vitamin C, so we must pay attention to the foods we consume to ensure an adequate supply. Here are four foods you can easily incorporate into your diet:

- Papaya: Known for aiding digestion and being low in calories, papaya contains 70 mg of Vitamin C per 100 grams, which is 20 mg more than an orange. It also increases energy levels by enhancing iron absorption.

- Matcha Tea: Our beloved matcha tea contains generous amounts of Vitamin C, depending on the purity of the leaves and the care taken during harvesting. In the case of our organic, ceremonial-grade varieties, you can find 300 mg of Vitamin C per 100 grams. If you're new to matcha, we recommend getting a set to prepare it easily and quickly

- Kiwi: Kiwi not only provides a good amount of Vitamin C but also offers 295 grams of potassium per 100 grams, which has a diuretic effect on your body, helping to reduce water retention.

- Blackcurrant: Although it may not be the most common ingredient in your dishes, blackcurrant contains high levels of Vitamin C. In fact, it has four times more Vitamin C than an orange, with 189 mg per 100 grams. If you're unsure how to consume it, try adding it to stews, cakes, or sauces.

- Broccoli: As you can see, when it comes to Vitamin C, there's something for every taste. Broccoli is an excellent source of this substance. The best way to consume it for this purpose is raw, but if you don't like it that way, you can lightly steam it. Try not to overcook it to preserve its properties.

Applying Vitamin C topically:

After incorporating these foods into your diet, let's clarify four points to consider when applying Vitamin C topically.

- What's Your pH?: The absorption of Vitamin C depends on your skin's composition. If you have sensitive skin, it's best to use a formula with a natural pH, around 5 to 6. If you have normal skin, a lower pH is preferable.

- Don't Forget Sunscreen: Contrary to some misconceptions, Vitamin C doesn't cause skin spots or make you more susceptible to sunburn. However, it's essential to apply it under sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. When combined with sunscreen, it adds to its effectiveness by neutralizing damage from free radicals.

protector solar

- Serums Are an Excellent Solution: A serum is a staple in the beauty regimen of those who care about their skin. Serums have gained popularity due to their high concentration of active ingredients. For Vitamin C, serums maintain its optimal condition while enhancing its penetration into the skin.

- Handle with Care: Store your Vitamin C in a cool, dark place. That's why you often find it in dark glass bottles. Ensure it's tightly sealed to preserve its wonderful properties.

With these tips, we hope to shed some light on the complex world of Vitamin C and encourage you to increase your intake of this valuable nutrient.

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