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Consejos para el cuidado de la piel después del verano

It's normal that during the summer, we don't take care of our face as we do during the rest of the year. Situations like sun exposure or overindulging in calorific food take the spotlight, regardless of the future consequences.

With the arrival of autumn, it's when we start to notice that our skin doesn't look the same, and we need to begin a routine that provides everything it needs to regain its health.

Special Skin Care:

1. Follow Healthy Lifestyle Habits:
Hydrating the skin is fundamental, and that's why it's crucial to consume **two liters of water daily**. Additionally, cutting out alcohol, getting quality sleep, resuming physical activity, and maintaining a healthy diet are also crucial aspects.

2. Use a Hydrating Lotion:
Applying a hydrating lotion to the face will help **improve both the appearance and condition of the skin**, as it may be drier, tighter, and appear dull and lacking vitality.

3. Use a Hydrating Mask:
Using a hydrating mask **twice a week** is highly recommended. These masks nourish the skin and make it look more vibrant. They also effectively repair damage caused by sun exposure.

4. Exfoliate the Skin:
Exfoliation is another crucial part of proper skincare. Through exfoliation, dead skin cells are removed, and pores are cleansed. It is the most effective way to renew the skin while eliminating any impurities.

5. Visit a Dermatologist:
It's common for sunspots to appear during the summer, so it's important to make sure they are not malignant. For this reason, it's important to visit a specialist who can confirm the skin's health.

6. Use Moisturizing Cream:
It's normal for the skin to be dry and even irritated, so using a moisturizing cream tailored to your skin type **will improve its health**. It's good for these creams to be oil-free and contain soothing agents in case of irritative dermatitis.

Tips for a Fresher and Brighter Skin:

- Use Gentle Products, such as liquid soaps that contain lipids. This prevents the skin from appearing rough.

- Control the Water Temperature. It's important that it's lukewarm instead of hot. This prevents the skin from burning or dehydrating.

- Pat Your Face Dry with a towel. It's much more advisable than rubbing, as it can damage the skin. This way, you'll achieve the same goal while protecting the dermis.

- Drink plenty of liquid constantly, regardless of whether you're thirsty. Sipping water will make you feel better inside and out.

- Control indoor humidity by maintaining healthy humidity levels in your home, as it also affects the skin.

- Choose the right products to moisturize your skin. It's important to know your skin type and acquire suitable products for its care. They should contain ingredients that improve the skin and be alcohol-free.

- Incorporate a serum and a dietary supplement into your daily care routine to help improve your skin daily, providing it with all the necessary nutrients.

skin cure serum
Regarding this last point, an ideal option is the Glowing Skin Set from Matcha & CO, which repairs and radically improves your skin by combining Skin Cure and Facial Glow Serum, which act on the inside and outside of your skin.

These are two unique products developed with the highest quality ingredients that will hydrate, firm, and add radiance to your skin.

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